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"It would be easier to get a dog to yodel than to get a
group of Alumni to all look at the camera and smile
at the same time. But Lo-and-behold, after a few tries we were able
to take the group picture. "It sure was worth it!"

Colonel White High School’s 50th Reunion Committee Meeting at the Miami Valley Golf Club

Members of the 50th Reunion Committee pictured above from left to right:
Jackie Winkler, Doug Holdeman, Lynda Hickerson Hoffman, Jim Rowlands and Laurie Miller Sylvester. Unable to attend, Sally Montgomery Saunders, Virginia Lake Burroughs and Linda Downing Boone
Even though the 50th Reunion is history, Doug Holdeman, our illustrious treasurer, still handles financial details for our Class of 1964.

I want to personally thank the alumni who have shown their Cougar Pride by graciously donating money to make the 50th Reunion a very special and memorable event.

Jim Rowlands our CW web site manager would like to offer a special thanks to our classmate and friend, John Cromer, who took it upon himself to organize a collection at our 50th Reunion in order to help keep the Colonel White Class of 1964 web site funded for quite a while to come. I would also like to thank all of my fellow classmates, for your generous donations to our Cougar web site. Some Alumni asked if further contributions can be made to our web site. If you would like to send a donation please send it to:

Doug Holdeman, Class Treasurer, 7815 N. Main St. #29, Dayton, Ohio 45415

Check should be made out to: "CWHS Class of 1964"

Thank you,
Jim Rowlands

Colonel White High School "64 Forevermore"


George Kellar (2012)
Kristen Andreae (Duckwall) (2012)
Linda Boggs (Williams) (2012)
Steve & Pam Lewis (Webster) (2012)
Larry Williamson (2012)
Bill Wells (2012)
Thomas Friedman (2012)
Mike Simpson (2012)
Susan Bagwell Harker (2012)
Donna Randolph Meyers (2012)
Arden Pulver (2012)
Pam Driscoll (Jacobson) (2012)
Diane Briggs (Krandall) (2012)
Carl & Sherry (Stabler) Woessner (2012)
Steve Klayman (2012)
Cheryl (Mink) Williams (2013)
Byron Lewis (2013)
Linda Williams Boggs (2013)
Magda (Wilson) & Ed Houtz (2013)
Susan Harker (2013)
Steve Klayman (2013)
Jim Ashby (2013)
Kristen Andreae (Duckwall) (2013)
Nick Stamas (2013)
Sarah Teofanov (2013)
Chris Pavlakos (2013)
Gus Kontonickas (2013)
Toba Feldman (2013)
Jennifer O'Toole McCoy (2014)
Irvin Wiemerslage (2014)
Dick Scott (2014)
Jerry Spiegel (2014)
Gwen McKay Smith Slutsky (2014)
Carol Shuster Culpepper (2014)
Sandee Carter Slack (2014)
Mike Bailes (2014)
Gary Batey (2012)
Karen Kasparek (Knost) (2012)
Bob Grove (2012)
D'Ann Study Runkle (2012)
Lynda Hoffman (Hickerson) (2012)
Virginia Burroughs (Lake) (2012)
Gus Kontonickas (2012)
Mary Mitrousis Searles (2012)
Peggy Stichweh Nunning (2012)
Robert Veninga (2012)
Bill Wells (2012)
Sharon Gibbs (Armbrust) (2012)
Tom McKenzie (2012)
Mike Braunstein (2012)
Jerry Schultz (2013)
Jack Bader (2013)
Karen Lee (Hudson) Mehall (2013)
Jill Albaugh Sluyter (2013)
George Kellar (2013)
Barry Baumgartner (2013)
Gary Leasure (2013)
Steve Dohme (2013)
D'Ann Study Runkle (2013)
Sylvia (Shellabarger) Clasen (2013)
Marilyn (Hamlin) Stockstill (2013)
Susan (Caplinger) Schweitzer (2013)
Tom Deschler (2013)
Pam (Driscoll) Jacobson (2013)
Bob Grove (2014)
Byron Lewis (2014)
Kathy (Peterson) Stewart (2014)
Don Nims (2014)
Rosalyn Payne Wissel (2014)
John Sibert (2014)
Steve Harlan (2014)

Thank you for standing with us through your financial donations. The generous contributions of support from our donors had a positive impact on making our Big 50th Reunion Event a memorable weekend that all classmates enjoyed. Though our beloved Colonel White High School is no more; our memories live on and were re-lived during our 50th Reunion weekend.

We Need Your Current E-Mail Address!

It is still important that we continue to obtain current e-mail addresses on as many of our alumni as we can get.

To stay in touch, with us for future events, - Please send your current e-mail address to: Jim Rowlands at: jrowl88716@aol.com or Doug Holdeman at: spyderman1964@ hotmail.com

We’d appreciate your support!

Well, the 50th Reunion is now history, and all of the planning, meetings, and hundreds of emails created a reunion filled with laughter, stories, and reuniting of old friends from long ago.

As I slowly make my way up the stairs to the bedroom and pull back my covers, and crawl into bed; I suddenly find myself unable to sleep. I kiss my lovely wife good night and thank her for all of her help on my behalf in making the Reunion such a big success. I head to the spare bedroom to watch a little TV and hopefully fall asleep. I couldn't believe it when the TV came on. "Married with Children" was just beginning. The shows theme was Peggy and Al's High School Reunion. I just laughed and asked myself, "What are the odds of this episode being aired the night of my Reunion?" After the show ended, I still was not sleepy, so I headed to my computer to begin writing this article.

Long after our Big 50th Colonel White High School Class of 1964 Celebration weekend has passed, classmates are still buzzing about our wonderful reunion festivities; - the beautiful Miami Valley Golf Club venue; the Friday Night Pizza Mixer; the fun Saturday morning Golf Outing; the great Memory Books; the Saturday evening dinner; the lovely cake with our '64 Class Picture on it; the door prizes; the Honor Ceremony for our Veterans; the Memorabilia Room with displays and a Memory Board paying tribute to our departed classmates; the "Open Microphone" session, hosted by Dick Scott; the vocals by Laurie Miller Sylvester; the DJ; Alice Barger Craig's baton twirling to our Fight Song; and the Finale to our weekend at Scene 75.

Friday Night's Pizza Mixer filled the ballroom at Miami Valley Golf Club with over 130 Alumni, Teachers and Spouses. It amazed me to see how old friends began to pick each other out of the crowd and greet one another other like the last 50 years had just vanished and they were once again with their Cougar friends. The room was filled with joyful laughter; outrageous stories; and an atmosphere of pure happiness prevailed throughout the night.

The '64 Football Alums celebrated the achievements of distinguished coaches, Eby and Whitaker; - both still living legends. They were surrounded by their former football players, who couldn't wait to greet them. I was surprised that they remembered each one of their former players. Coach Whitaker, my line coach, shook my hand and proceeded to compliment me by saying, "Jim, you were one of the hardest workers I ever had an opportunity to coach."

Former teachers, Mr. Stanley Blum and his wife, Connie and Mr. Dave Harrison and his wife, Nancy, were present with us both Friday and Saturday evenings. When I saw the smiles on their faces and on those of the many Alums, who sat down to talk with them both nights, I could tell they were having a great time.

"We Finished!" exclaimed our golfers - Dick Scott, Bob Evans, Tom Atkins and his wife; Nick Stamas and Casey Hasenjager after Saturday morning's Golf Outing. "Whew!" Beautiful course; amazing friends and no doubt, an experience they will never forget!

As for me, Jim Rowlands, I began each night as our Master of Ceremonies, giving a heartfelt welcome to all of our alumni, teachers, and guests. We could not have asked a better classmate than Robert Grove to deliver Saturday evening's invocation. He was sincere and inspiring and his words will be remembered by all.

Classmates won big with door prizes both nights of the Reunion, and the give-away hosting was done by Doug Holdeman and Linda Downing Boone. Linda provided a large number of homemade items that were awarded both evenings. Saturday nights big four drawing was made possible by the donated of: Nick Stamas, who created a special painting; Laurie Miller Sylvester, who provided a gift certificate for a soothing massage; a local artist in Jackie Winkler's Florida community donated a print that one lucky winner will surely enjoy; a Walmart Gift Certificate which was donated by Linda Downing Boone and Virginia Lake Burroughs who specializes in photography, donated a unique combination photograph/painting. Linda Hickerson Hoffman announced the lucky winners of these fabulous prizes. If you received a basket with Dayton Dragons items, or CDs of "Oldies but Goodies" you can thank Doug Holdeman, who is affiliated with the Dayton team. A certificate to Marion's Pizza and an Esther Price gift certificate were donated by Sally Montgomery Saunders. Jerry Schultz sent us one of his books as a donation item and Steve Harlan made a donation of a teeth whiting product. The Colonel White Cougar Golf Shirts were designed by and donation by myself and my wife. Thanks to all our donors for their generous gifts.

The Class of '64 celebrated the Saturday evening dinner with some "Cougar" cake; baked and decorated by Linda Downing Boone. We are so lucky to have this amazing pastry artist on our committee!

Saturday evening, we honored not just one amazing Veteran; but many of our Class of '64 Veterans. Jack Bader had the privilege of - and quite a bit of fun - while presenting small tokens of appreciation to our special group of '64 Vets. You are a class act gentleman!

Many of our alums made their presence known during a special "Open Microphone" session MC'd by Dick Scott. It gave some of our classmates a "Golden" opportunity to share their funniest or most embarrassing moments from High School or to simply express their special thanks to have just been a part of this wonderful time in our lives.

We hope that everyone got to visit our Memorabilia Room. Our special Memory Board giving special recognition to our departed class mates, was designed and assembled by committee member, Virginia Lake Burroughs.

Our own "Patsy Kline," Laurie Miller Sylvester, treated our group to a number of vocals and provided the DJ for the evening, her son, David. Alumnus, Alice Barger Craig, showed that she still can twirl her baton to our fight song. Way to go Alice!

I want to give Co-Chairman, Jackie Winkler, a big thank you for the great Memory Book that she put together for all of us to recall our Colonel White days and the great 50th Reunion event with. Jackie was instrumental in getting biographies together that alums sent in to her and combining them with other illustrations that meant so much to all of us during our high school years. Jackie also designed the cover of the Memory Book and the invitations. She worked with the chef at Miami Valley to plan the menu for Saturday evening. The candle rings on the dining room tables were also made by Jackie and the gold candles that coordinated so lovely with the candle rings, were donated by Linda Hickerson Hoffman.

I can't say enough about Doug Holdeman, who has done such a phenomenal job as our treasurer. He has handled your continued donations to make this fabulous 50th possible; he has managed your RSVP payments; he was our liaison with Miami Valley Golf Club,, making sure they received payment for all their hard work. Doug was the committee member who was able to secure this venue for us at little or no cost! He took it upon himself to organize the Saturday morning Golf Outing for those who participated in once again taking to the links for old time's sake. In addition, to all his responsibilities for the 50th, Doug also makes sure that our web site finances are taken care of. He has stepped in at the October Night Outs as MC with me for our door prize drawings and has made sure that we had adequate number of pizzas for all that attended. He teamed with Linda Downing Boone both evenings of our 50th to announce the door prize tickets and in many cases, explained the prizes to each winner. I have been so privileged to renew my friendship with Doug over the last six years or so and he has my deepest and most sincere thanks for all his hard work to make this event happen.

To our fabulous Reunion Committee: I just want to give the biggest thank-you that I can possibly express! They've stood by me from the beginning until the end. I'm just so thankful to them for being so supportive. And to the Alumni who have been so amazing with their financial assistance; - (it's great to know we have a huge safety net underneath us and we are so lucky to have such amazing classmates, who have been supporting this venture all these years.) Not every high school class can say that!

I truly have enjoyed being Co-Chairman of the Reunion Committee and heading up the CW web site. So to each member of the Reunion Committee, and all of my class mates I want to personally thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. You are all brilliant messengers for the graduates that were our school.

Jim Rowlands

Please take a moment to view the following pictures of our Colonel White High School 50th Reunion Celebration.

Colonel White Class of 1964

Friday's Mix-It-Up Celebration

Sally and Laurie Hard at Work at the Registration Table

Memorial To Your Deceased Classmates!

Gone But Not Forgotten!

Glory Days Revisited!

Memorabilia Table

Encore-Golden Memories 1964

Girlfriends Together Again!

Old friends go to share lots of stories and laughs throughout the night!

Checking out the memory book!

Friday's Winning Number is?

Over 60 door prizes given out!

Colonel White 1964 Football Team

Mr. Eby

Mr. Blum and his Wife

Jim Rowlands Welcome Speech - Kicks off the Saturday Celebration!

Bob Grove giving an inspirational invocation!

Recognizing Our Alumni Veterans

MVGC Beautiful Dining Room!

Dinner was excellent!

Thank you Linda for making this beautiful cake!

Plenty of desserts to pick from!

Ginny Lake Burroughs sure loves her cake icing!

A winning start meant a trip to the door prize table.

Thank you to all our wonderful donors!

Look at what I won!

Girlfriends having fun posing for the camera!

Dick Scott's Open Mic - Mascott Story!

Dick reciting a certain someone's phone number from way back when!

Little Colonels and Cheerleaders sing the Lord's Prayer!

The Almuni are delighted by stories being told!

Jackie Winkler

Ronnie House

Magda Wilson Houtz

Lionel Glaze

Bob Casterline - Three Hurdles - Not Ten?

Michelle Andrasik Ratliff's Re-living Her Kissing Game with Dick Scott!

Bob Grove tells of finding his Love of God and his wife Judy!

Alice Barger Craig - Can Still Do Her Twirling Routine!

Laurie Miller Sylvester Singing the Cougar Fight Song!

Dancing the Night Away to the Hits of the 1960's!

After all was said and done - Our 50th Reunion closed on a Happy Ending!

Click here for 50th Reunion Slide Show.



Top Ten Reasons You Were Glad You Came To The Colonel White High School 50th Reunion!

With classmates we will never forget.

  1. You were thrilled to see former classmates and rekindle old friendships!
  2. You didn't care how old you were because you felt young again!
  3. You got a chance to laugh, cry and reminisce with some of your dearest high school friends!
  4. You shared hilarious experiences and confessed things you carried in your hearts for 50 years!
  5. The Rock and Roll music brought back fond memories and old dance moves you wanted to try one more time!
  6. After 50 years, everyone looked wonderful!
  7. Few events offer the opportunity to go back in time to laugh and carry-on like a teenager!
  8. The food, conversation and companionship were awesome!
  9. The "Open Mike" brought the house down!
  10. At the reunion you got to re-capture the joys of youth and look back through a new lens at what once was!

Aren't you glad you came?

With classmates we will never forget.










John Cromer Reunion Pictures

     Just as time dictates, it has been three years since our reunion. John Cromer took some very nice pictures on Friday and Saturday evenings and was kind enough to send them to me to post. I very promptly misplaced them in my office (I say that word lightly). It is more like the bottom of the black lagoon. In any event here are John’s great pictures to add to the history books of the class of 1964. Enjoy and thank you John for such great pics.


Photos from Friday, August 5th and Sunday, August 6th.


Photos: Jackie Annis

October 3rd, 2009
Marion's Piazza @ Dayton Mall


    The best description of the evening is “fun”. The Dayton Room at Marion’s Piazza was perfect, and we filled the room. That translates into about 70 attendees, and it was great to reconnect with so many classmates. I think Howard Hopping was the most ecstatic about having been found that he said, “This is the best time I’ve ever had!” He couldn’t thank us enough for not giving up on finding him. When he left, his arms were full of raffle prizes! The pictures display the electricity in the room as we discovered each other—very few among us look like we did way back when…

     The raffle was a hit as winners scoped the table filled with prizes to decide what they would choose. (Look at the display in the pictures.) The pizzas did not last long; everyone had something to drink; chatter filled the air waves. While we had almost enough time to greet each other, we wanted time to know more about each others’ lives.

     Marion’s management made a special effort to fill the walls of our party room with pictures of the old Dayton we knew as kids. How appropriate as classmates browsed and remembered together! We have already set the date for our next October Night Out: October 2, 2010 with a repeat performance at Marion’s. AND save the date for our 50th year class reunion: August 15 & 16, 2014 (start saving your nickels!).

Your committee,
Jim, Jackie, Doug, Sally

Sally Montgomery at Sign-in Table

Diane Krandall, Ed Houtz, John Nugent, Jim Rowlands
Doug Holdeman & Raffle Prizes
Group Photo
John Nugent and Jackie Winkler Annis
Rick Sykes, Howard Hopping, D'Ann, Jackie, and Jim R.
Sherry Stabler Woessner and Linda Downing Boone
Steve Harlan and Carl Woessner




October 2nd, 2010
Marion's Piazza @ Dayton Mall

     Well, now that it’s been two months since our 2010 October Night Out, it’s high time to let you know what a good time we all had! Much like last year’s get-together, we renewed friendships: isn’t that why we come! We always welcome the regulars who keep us encouraged and grounded; we certainly welcome our occasional attendees; and we especially love it when classmates who are first-timers come through the door! We need to get all of these categories—plus those who have never been able to join us—together at the same time. Balloons and a “welcome” poster helped the committee greet our classmates who came to the party. Laurel Miller Sylvester and Sally Montgomery Saunders managed the sign-in sheet and sold the Raffle tickets.

     As we have the last several years, we met at Marion’s Piazza (behind the Dayton Mall). Last year and this year we met in the Dayton Room that has been remodeled with nostalgic pictures of the Dayton we remember so many years ago along with some photos of days and events before our time. Marion’s staff did an excellent job of ensuring we had everything we needed, even anticipating service we might request.

     The Raffle was once again a hit! Who doesn’t like to win items worth far more than the investment! Doug Holdeman always brings a wide number and array of Dayton Dragons items; Jim Rowlands donates CWHS shirts, etc., and Jackie Winkler brings CWHS shirts, hats, and calendars and anything else she thinks might be of interest…like a 1930’s Spiegel Catalog!

     Jim Ashby’s Mother had saved his Brown School year book all these years and he brought it for everyone to share in memories of those grade school years. We took pictures of many of the grade school classes, cheerleaders and basketball teams that we hope to post on our “School Daze” page.

     An Auction was the feature of the evening: Magda Wilson Houtz acquired a painting that hung in the halls of Colonel White School since it’s opening in 1927 and donated it to make a little money for our treasury. The highest bidder and winner of the art was Marilyn Hamlin Stockstill. Agreed, we were a rowdy bunch for a room full of ol’ geezers.

     Enjoy the pictures and please plan to come to our 2011 October Night Out, scheduled for October 1.

Jackie Winkler and Jim Rowlands
Sally Saunders and Laurel Miller Sylvester
Doug Holdeman
Daryl Shank

Jim Ashby and Doug Holdeman
Marilyn Hamlin Stockstill with Jim Rowlands and Doug Holdeman
D'Ann Study Runkle, Marilyn Hamlin Stockstill, Karoline Blankenbecler, and Sue Smiley Nugent
Gus Kontonickas
John Blankenbecler and John Nugent
Pam Jacobson Driscoll and Husband
Jackie Winkler and Janine White
John Blankenbecler and Laurel Miller Sylvester
D'Ann Study Runkle and Husband
Daryl Shank and Laurel Miller Sylvester
Linda Downing Boone and Husband
Jim Rowlands


October 1st, 2011
Marion's Piazza @ Dayton Mall

Great things happen at our annual Colonel White Class of 1964 October Night Out, and this year was no exception. After driving from Michigan, Alex Creona purchased chances on our new 50-50 drawing and walked away a very happy winner. It was also a delight to see Ron House and Bill Wells, who made the journey up from Kentucky and came away with our new Cougar T-shirts and other raffle prizes. Daryl Shank, who makes his annual pilgrimage from Maryland to be part of our October Night Out, always seems to have a big smile on his face - especially after his numerous raffle victories.

As we have the last few years, we met at Marion’s Piazza (behind the Dayton Mall). The Dayton Room is the perfect backdrop for our annual event with nostalgic pictures of the Dayton lining the walls of the room. These historic pictures always seem to generate numerous stories of days long ago. It is always nice to reconnect and renew old friendships from our days at Colonel White. A grand time seemed to be had by all; sharing memories and special moments that they remember the most; talking about simple present day things; and about the future, hoping to stay connected.
The evening also featured fund-raising raffles, which included our newly designed “Cougar” T-shirts donated by Jim Rowlands; plus an array of Dayton Dragons items that Doug Holderman always so generously brings each year. Winners scooped up these and other donated prizes during each round of raffles. Also for sale, as part of our effort to raise funds for our up-coming 50th Reunion; were Jackie Winkler’s beautiful handcrafted paperweights containing memorabilia of Colonel White as their center piece. Jackie each year donates countless other items to make our raffle so successful. Sally Montgomery Saunders and Jim Rowlands did a marvelous job managing the sign-in sheet and selling raffle tickets.
Alumni were asked to fill out a 50th Reunion survey that also appears on this “Reunion” page of the web site. If you were unable to attend, please fill out the survey and email or snail mail it to Jim Rowlands.
Special thanks goes out to our hardworking Reunion Committee made up of Sally, Doug, Jackie, Laurie and Jim for organizing, and setting up our October Night Out.
Enjoy the pictures that follow and plan to join us next year!
Doug Holderman setting up
Sally Montgomery Saunders & Jim Rowlands
Greeting classmates at Check-In Table
Jackie Winkler, Mrs. McKenzie, and Pete Saunders
Thomas McKenzie & Wife
Jack Bader
Pete Saunders
Arden Pulver
Glenda Moore Snyder & Husband
Alice Barger Craig & Husband
Mary Mitrousis Searles & Diane Krandall Briggs
Karen Knost Kasparek
Jeannine White Cash
Jackie Winkler
Bill Wells, Jim Rowlands, and Ron House
Doug Holderman & Ron House
Doug Holderman & Jim Rowlands
Alice Barger Craig
Wins one of our newly designed T-Shirts
Daryl Shank
Winner of Dayton Dragons Umbrella
Alice Barger Craig & Daryl Shank
Model our Newly Designed T-Shirts
Daryl Shank & Alice Barger Craig
Big Prize Winners
Mrs. Daryl Shanks talks to a friend
Tom McKenzie & Wife choosing a raffle prize
Mary Mitrousis Searles
Winner of Dayton Dragons blanket
Jim Rowlands
Winner of "Joey Votto" Baubble Head
Richard Rautio
Alex Creona
Winner of our 50-50 raffle
Judy Rautio
Jeannine White Cash & Husband
Doug Holderman & George Keller






October 6th, 2012
Marion's Piazza @ Dayton Mall


The best description of the evening would be lots of fun, laughter, and memories. The Dayton Room at Marion’s Piazza once again provided the perfect backdrop for our annual CW class of 1964 October Night Out celebration. After signing in; alums exchanged a few pleasantries with Laurie and Jim; purchased a generous number of raffle tickets; and began to the search for old friends. It always amazes me how quickly small groups are drawn like historical magnets to the nostalgic pictures of old Dayton, lining the walls of the room. These black and white photos seem to generate numerous recollections, fond memories and special moments that had a particular impact on their formative years. Each year I hear wonderful stories about a Dayton that is no more than a fading memory to our generation.

It is an evening to reconnect and renew old friendships from our days at Colonel White. Former football teammates: Carl Woessner, Nick Stamas, Gus Kontonickas, Ron House, Doug Holdeman and Jim Rowlands were seen catching up on old times. Another group of alums who were swapping tales of yester year were: Daryl Shank, Arden Pulver, Fred Link, Larry Spade and Jackie Winkler, who later commented that is was so nice to sit down and talk with people she did not know during high school. I heard Laurie say how delighted she was that so many long-time girlfriends were able to attend our annual October Night Out. During the night I observed her talking to: Sharon Armbrust Gibbs, Diane Krandall Briggs, Sherry Stabler Woessner, Mary Mitrousis Searles, Linda Downing Boone and Pam Jacobson Driscoll, just to name a few. Every where you looked, you could see small groups reaffirming their friendships made while at Colonel White.
The room echoed with simple present day conversations; - jobs, retirement, grandchildren, humorous stories and future endeavors. Perhaps the best stories and biggest laughs came from John Stamatakos reminiscing about years long ago. A group of his friends chipped in to make the stories even more entertaining. Observing the amount of laughter; I can safely say a grand time seemed to be had by all.

The evening also featured fund-raising raffles, which included Cougar T-shirts donated by myself; plus a couple colorful wreaths made by my wife. Doug Holdeman always comes through with an array of Dayton Dragons items, that he so generously brings each year. Jackie Winkler made a number of beautiful bottle lamps for our raffle. When I asked her how she accumulates so many wine bottles – she simply smiled at a certain person and said he must have been a little thirsty. I think Gus Kontonickas was the most delighted when he won our special auction of a beautiful green and gold hand-made scarf. He wore the scarf for the rest of the evening and suggested that we should make even more of them for next year. I heard one lady comment, “Gus sure looks very dapper.” (Thank you, Linda Downing Boone, for crocheting the scarf and donating it for auction!) The many winners scooped up these and other donated prizes during each round of raffles. New this year were polo shirts, embroidered with our school name and mascot, which we tried to sell to raise money for the 50th. Since only one was purchased, there will be more on the web site about how to purchase these shirts with a contribution towards our 50th. The 50/50 raffle was won by Laurie Miller Sylvester who immediately donated her winnings back to the Reunion fund.

Special thanks goes out to our hard-working Reunion Committee, made up of Sally, Doug, Jackie, Laurie, Ginny and Jim for organizing, and setting up our October Night Out. Enjoy the pictures that follow and plan to join us next year!

Jackie Winkler & John Stamatakos
Gus Kontonickas sporting green & gold scarf
Diane Krandall Briggs, Mary Mitrousis Searles, Linda Downing Boone, Sherry Stabler Woessner, Pam Jacobson Driscoll
Nick Stamas & wife Emily

Mary Mitrousis Searles
Ron House & Bill Wells
Tom McKenzie & wife Linda, Linda Downing Boone & husband Don
Daryl Shank, Arden Pulver, Fred Link, Larry Spade
Sharon Armbrust Gibbs, Diane Krandall Briggs, Laurel Miller Sylvester
Tom Mckenzie at the raffle gift table
Daryl Shank clowning with a raffle gift. Carl Woessner in the background
Mary Mitrousis Searless with decorative wreath won in raffle
Carol Woessner, Gus Kontonickas, Nick Stamas
Gus Kontonickas flanked by wife Debbie & Sherry Stabler Woessner
Carl Woessner & Doug Holdeman
Laurel Miller Sylvester & Jim Rowlands
Doug Holdeman holding one of our new polo shirts




October 5th, 2013
Marion's Piazza @ Dayton Mall


Night Out on the Town!

This past Oct. 5, 2013, marked another anniversary for our annual Col. White Class of ’64 Oct. Night Out at Marion’s Piazza; and although the turn out was smaller than past years, all who came seemed to enjoy themselves.

It was great to see new faces and share with them warm memories from out past. What was equally interesting was to catch up with Alumni’s experiences after leaving Colonel White. I am sure our teacher’s would be very proud of all that we have accomplished.

The evening would not be complete without our raffles and no one went away empty-handed. Like the legendary game show host, Bob Barker, Committee members, Jim and Doug called out the ticket numbers at various intervals during the evening. Winners then selected from the numerous gifts from the raffle table. They also auctioned several nice items donated by various alums to help raise funds for the upcoming 50th Reunion and our web site.

Committee member, Sally Montgomery Saunders manned the sign in table, greeting all who came and selling raffle tickets and 50-50 drawing tickets.

It was great to have Gary Leasure and his wife with us and he mentioned how Magda Houtz’s group at Hithergreen were knitting hats and scarves for the veteran’s of Gary’s Transient Veteran’s Group this Christmas.

Linda Downing Boone came with many marvelous handmade green and gold scarves to auction off; but with the low turn out, she decided to save them until our 50th Reunion next August. She also created a number of beautiful green and gold candles that will be used to decorate our reunion dinning tables. The best news of the night was Linda volunteered to be on the Reunion Committee. Also, a special thanks goes out to Linda Williams Bogs who made a number of wonderful green and gold lap blankets, scarves, and hats for our alumni to bid on. Thanks so much for your fantastic effort Linda D and Linda W! The reunion committee really appreciated all of your time and effort you both spent on behalf of the upcoming 50th Reunion Celebration.

Want to take a moment to mention that Jim Ashby, who was in attendance with us, had heart surgery 39 days ago and is doing great. Sadly, he and his wife will not be able to come to our 50th, as they are taking an Alaskan cruise to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

It was nice to see Diana Behnken Scott, who lives in Ardmore, Tennessee. Diana, thanks so much for coming this year and for bringing your Sister with you! It was also great to see Bob Veninga, who came from Orlando, Florida. He had a lot of stories to tell!

All in all, it was an opportunity to share a few hours with old friends and classmates as it always is! Hope you all had fun!

-Jim Rowlands

Sally (Montgomery) Saunders & Jim Rowlands man the sign-in table
Left-Linda (Downing) Boone & Right-Linda's Husband, Don
Left-Gary Leasure & Right-Robert Veninga
Jim Ashby & his wife

Right-Jeannine (White) Cash
Center-Diana (Behnken) Scott
Left-Diana's sister

Spouses also enjoy the evening
Left-Linda (Downing) Boone & Right-Diana (Behnken) Scott
Right-Jeannine (White) Cash & Left-Diana (Behnken) Scott's sister
Gary Leasure wins an I-pad case from raffle table
Robert Veninga won a bottle lamp from the raffle table. Made by Jackie Winkler.








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