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Triumphant is the Green and Gold!

     Welcome to the website of Colonel White High School - Class of 1964. While we have been around for over ten years; our website will always be “a work-in-progress.” As such, the web site is currently being updated, reorganized, and made more user-friendly. We hope our frequent visitors will find the changes to be helpful and the new articles to be interesting and informative. You will still find your favorite stories and pictures of days gone by in every section of the site, plus new articles posted periodically intended to make you LOL (laugh out loud.) So please check out the site for new articles, stories, photos, videos, and obituary announcements.

We wish any and all '64 alumni to send stories and pictures that your fellow classmates might find interesting. I have discovered by hosting the CW 64 website that many of our classmates have accomplished more than we know or could ever have imagine; so please share your narrative about some facet of your life that your fellow Cougars would love to discover about you.

Send your articles/photos to and I will post them on our very popular website. You can always mail me your submission by using the USPS (snail mail) at: Jim Rowlands – 8817 Ridgewood Place - Springboro, Ohio 45066. With your articles, the 64 website is a good way to keep updated on our Alumni.


I want to personally thank all the alumni who have shown their Cougar Pride by graciously donating money to make our web site such a big success. Special thanks to John Cromer, who took it upon himself to organize a collection at our 50th Reunion Celebration in order to help fund the web site. I hope that Alumni will decide that the website is worth the investment and decide to contribute so we can keep it up and running. If you would like to send a donation please send it to

Doug Holdeman

Doug Holdeman, Class Treasurer, 7815 N. Main St. #29, Dayton, Ohio 45415. Check should be made out to: "CWHS Class of 1964".


Thanks for stopping in to take a look at YOUR Colonel White Class of ’64 website. The following is a brief description (table of contents) of what can be found in each section of the Class of 1964 website:  The Home Page: consists of a brief introduction to the revisited web site followed by a list of all the stories and articles found in the various sections of the web site. Immediately following the list of articles are the Face Book connections to our different feeder schools. Included under Site Info is a brief summary of the different sections found on our web site plus a reminder that we would love to have our alumni submit articles to be shared on the CWHS 64 web site.


The News: section is continually being updated with a variety of articles/stories that provide our Alumni an opportunity to share news with fellow CWHS 64 classmates. The most recent addition is a series of humorous articles that chronicle our generation getting older - entitled “Golden Years Humor or Not.” The News section also contains many other stories submitted by our alumni. The most poignant and touching story being the Colonel White High School Final Walkthrough Pictures. At the end of this sad day (January 12, 2008) those in attendance were rallied by Dick Scott, who sang the “Cougars’ Fight Song.” The auditorium erupted into wild cheers and applauds signaling their undying love for their Colonel White High School.


Reunion: section is filled with stories and pictures from our yearly “October Night Out” held at Marion’s Pizza. The site also highlights the 41 Reunion held in August of 2006 at the Antioch Shrine Temple. The grand 50th Reunion held at the Miami Valley Golf Club in August of 2014 is remembered through stories and numerous photos of our “Cougar Family” celebrating this wonderful event. I know for me the photos help to rekindle memories of the times and friendships made while at Colonel White High School.


Little Colonels: section, written by Jackie Winkler, revives memories of band camps, half-time shows, and those nerve-wracking two day try-outs. The site is punctuated with interesting stories and many photos.


School Daze: section displays a collage of grade schools and high school pictures representing various homerooms, cheerleading squads, sports teams and other school groups. We would like to encourage you to help us in our “School Daze” page. As of now, we have a good number of school photos, but we would love to have more class pictures (homerooms) from our days at Colonel White High School plus all of the CWHS feeder schools. Teachers were a major influence for all of us and a number of their lovely stories are also found in this section.


Remember/Alumni: section is a look back on the history of Colonel White High School including a story about the ghostly message left to all of the alumni by Colonel White himself. Journey back to the 50’s and 60’s in the “Remember Me” segment which is a series of time collages that unlocks your memories of an era long ago. You can also read a number of Alumni Biographies and articles which are both informative absolutely interesting to read. Also found in this section is the “Military Hall of Fame” that salutes and honors our classmates who served in the U.S. military.


In Memoriam: Time has taken a toll on the members of the Colonel White Class of 1964. This section contains the most current list of our classmates who are no longer with us. If you would care to write a special thought or remembrance about someone please send it to the address at the bottom of this page.


Friendships: section is new to the website, but I hope will prove to be very popular for our readers. This segment is set aside to showcase a past friendship that made a lasting impression on one of our 64 Alumni. I am asking our “64 Cougar Alumni” to write a short article {paragraph or two} describing a close friend from grade school or Colonel White High School and if you would like to add a picture to accompany your article that would be very welcome. Keep in mind that you may want to think twice about writing something that may be very personal or extremely embarrassing. However it’s up to you what you wish to write about. Just send your articles to Jim Rowlands at and I will have it posted on the 64 website.


Locate stories or articles quickly by clicking on the highlighted title:

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Little Colonels (click here)

Colonel White High School Class of 1964 now has a FACE BOOK page! All are welcome to join!

Colonel White 1964 Cougars Group
Enjoy this incredible group where classmates can renew friendships, have lively discussions, post photos of our past, and remember wonderful memories.


Little Colonels can also check out their Face Book page by CLICKING HERE!


     We have a new column starting with Jim Rowlands doing a history corner for our website . Keep tuned. I am sure he will have some interesting things to relate. Be sure to read his intro.

CW '64 Teacher Update by Virginia Lake Burroughs. 08/05/2008
Jim Rowlands Historical Chronicle and Insights / 1960 -1964. 10/17/2007
Read about C.W. 50th Football Championship Reunion 11/12/2010
Buck Arnold - Soaring From Colonel White in the news section. 11/22/2007



     Here's a chance to share news with your CWHS '64 Classmates. Read all about it in the Class of '64 News section and then let us know what's new in your life. To Enjoy The Human Side stories by Magda Wilson Houtz, click here 6/02/10


Photos from Colonel White H.S. Final Walkthrough are posted in the news section.

Click here to watch Dick Scott's speech at the final walkthrough Jan 12th, 2008 (This video has been moved to YouTube. Just click the link to watch.)


Click here for the Military Hall of Fame. 02/01/2008
Listen to the Colonel White Fight Song & Alma Mater in the Remember When section. 12/17/2007







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